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Customer testimonials

Hear from the hosts and our clients

We have partnered with Story Ninety-Four to deliver our podcast series, OxTalks and couldn’t be happier with the creativity, service and professionalism. We are delighted with the overall quality, reach and output of our podcasts and would encourage others to contact Story Ninety-Four.
Headshot of Rob Panting

Rob Panting

Communications Manager at OxLEP

Story Ninety-Four have been invaluable for our podcast. They helped us better understand how we can improve our podcast and what works for our type of content. We’re really impressed with the final result, it’s well edited and the sound quality from both the studio and remote recordings is impeccable.
Headshot of Samantha Amy

Samantha Amy

Digital Marketing Manager at Satellite Applications Catapult

Story Ninety-Four & Matt consistently go above and beyond to support our podcasting work. I can't recommend them enough, all the way from conception and planning, through to recording and marketing.
Headshot of Harriet McAtee

Harriet McAtee

Owner of Nourish Yoga Training

It's been great to work with Story Ninety-Four on our Independent Oxford podcast at the Oxford Podcast Studio. They've given useful and constructive advice and really supported us through the process of setting up a strong podcast!
Headshot of Anna Munday

Anna Munday

Co-Founder of Independent Oxford

My experience of Story Ninety-Four was as someone who knew what the goal was but had zero technical knowledge of podcasting. They were brilliant, the sound quality and editing were superb, and I’d recommend them to anyone finding themselves in a similar position.
Headshot of Michael O'Neill

Michael O'Neill

Departmental Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry at The University of Oxford

Recording my podcast with Story Ninety-Four has been fantastic. It's great to share my expertise with my listeners and has helped establish me as one of the go-to business coaches in Oxfordshire

Mike Foster

Business Coach at The Entrepreneurs Mentor

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